Saturday, March 21

First and the last

Disclaimer: pretty disgusting picture ahead. If you think you will puke, please click on the X on the right upper corner. Thanks

Laiyee was the first to tried it.
Check out our expressions.
I was seriously freaked out and a fake smile
and she looked so happy btw.

She finished it. while i just made a hole,
added a pinch of salt,
squeezed lemon in,
She totally changed while i was still looking freaked out.
with a fake smile

Nabeh, still freaking out.
mata satu besar satu kecil.
Okay, breath.... Arrrmmm.
as much as i wanted to puke it out,
but i swallowed,
coz otherwise,
the duckling died for nothing
Meet Sina Davuth, who has a handsome brother, hehe
and Ham sothearith :)

Actually it doesn't taste that bad, it's actually very juicy and er, chewy. If you can forget about the
baby duckling / well developed duck embryo
then it's tasted just fine.
Well, i would definitely suggest you to try, since it's very famous dish in some countries like Cambodia, it's not cheap either, it cost around 1-2 dollars each.
I tried, and i would love to try that again, NOT

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  1. 1 to 2$ each?? come on! It's not that expensive! I think it's 1 for 1RM.. sth around that.. Hehe.. to be frank with ya, it's a very famous food but I can't really eat it too. haha.. actually, we don't take it out just like u do. It looks so gross. :D .. hmm.. actually, if u feel uneasy eating it, u can choose the one that is younger than this. Meaning, the younger one doesn't have the full form of duck like that which makes it very much easier to eat. haha.. you should have tried it again.. i kinda like it, but do u know how i eat? hehe.. i will take out the duck part and give to other. :D

  2. walau... yucks.. how to eat.. to think how they purposely do that.. they gotta wait until the mother sat long enough on the baby to make those kind of food.. curse them!!!