Saturday, April 11

Euphonious 2009 - Personal Review

gNext time, don't ever let us, (chongkian and me) sitting together in any event, because we are merely idiots who like to find faults at anything and anyone when the event didn't go as what we expected last night!

Heh, you may click red button with a white X on top of the right corner if you think you can't take critics ya!

Deng Deng Deng!

#1. The bands competing last night were BAD. Or should i say, the finalist of the previous three years set a pretty high margin to be achievable this year. Based on my previous experience (as an audience, wtf) I remember i screamed, clapped, cheered, stomped, shouted, sang along. But last night, if you ask me, i was busy criticizing with CK. I think those who sat nearby us must be very annoyed, "Eh, you guys come here to watch band competition or chatting, huh?" Oh, i forgot i was in a band competition. I thought i was in a karaoke room. #.# Kareen, told me there were many better bands during preliminary but was shock they didn't make it into finals. Hey, i wanted to form a band next semester and be the vocalist, but too bad, I'm graduating next semester. :P

I still remember some groups from previous years, but yesterday? None of them leave any impressions. Oh, BunkFace did! ;) and even Doc Mat and his superfriends.But they are special guest invited.

#2. Emcees. Err, i think the combination of them FOUR aren't so harmonious at all. Derrick was loud, very loud, the malay girl was soft and most of the time mumbling, John(?) talked very fast and, what CK said, short tongue, and lastly the French lecturer, was too frenchy, and short breath. (what a description heh?) Variety of styles, but did not work well with each other. I thought emcees should be very spontaneous, cute, funny etc, but they were more like reading the scripts, lame jokes attempted, and syiok sendiri. But kudos for them for the bravery emceeing in front of 2000 audiences, as per claimed.

#3. Flow of event. was a mess. especially during the prize giving ceremony. No PRs to usher the VIPS up the stage, emcee was totally blur, (silence for long, while rector was up on stage putting long face) i saw the malay girl was giving hand gesture to Derrick to say something!. He immediately invited someone TWICE to stage, but no one went up. It's either wrong name or he was away.

#4. Judges. You invited FIVE judges. but you only asked ONE judge to comment on ONE group? Imagine in Malaysian Idol, those who was commented by Paul Moss must be depressed giler, while others happy giler, like one of the vocalist jumped up excitedly into the air receiving good comments from the lady judge yesterday.

#5. "why all malay songs one????",CK. period. I think they should choose better songs, something rocker instead all those jiwang malay songs, which would live up the atmosphere...

Aih, i also don't know what to say anymore. You know what, i didn't vote because i don't think any of them worth to be the winner. Last time, i had difficulties in deciding which band to vote, but this time, it's even more difficult in deciding which team is better. Life is so hard. to . vote.

Rector's singing is improving! THUMBS UP!


  1. I love comment @#2 and ya conclusion! Wao...rector again! sien lo...Luckily i wasn't there!

  2. Wah ... ICC punya signature event runtuh until like that ah ... Hope to see a better one next year. (Yeah, we can critic on behalf of you, if you're unable to return UTP at that time)

  3. Chemhoster : But rector's singing improving. I think he takes singing lessons. HAHA

    Melvin : I hope for a better one too next year. I'll come back if you form a band! LOL