Monday, May 4

The 22 yrs old me

I just got the pictures yesterday and it's my study week now, so why not write about my birthday celebration last last week...Erm, if you ask me, i am not participating that birthday apparently because as yokehoon also agreed with me, once the female has gotten the freedom key from our parents and the following years we'll lost count of our age. The other day i was filling in the form and paused at the age column, i was about to write 18, oopss, I'm 22 already. Arggghhhh...

Basically, the celebration was normal and casual. I had 3 cakes, 1 from my family, 1 from my best buddies and another 1 from my utp friend.
Cake #1
Cake # 2

Cake # 3

We went to McD and i felt like a little girl again because we were celebrating in the Birthday room which is just next to the children playground. Some of the kids staring at my ice-cream cake. :P booo, you only get to see cannot eat. muahhaha.
Forced to wear the mask
Yokehoon and kong were so bising blowing the whistle made me even more embarrassed.

Sing louder!

I wished that ...
more .....
gets ......
a lot of .....
(feel free to guess)
the ice cream cake was so hard that ..

the plastic knife broke into two parts
So sad huh?
Group photo!
(what u spot lengchai? come let me intro to you yah)
He's KePoChi. Call him saf for short.
Sorry girls, he's not available lah.
he is getting married end of this year.
This is Pia Ong. Call him Chee Koon.
Pia ong means king of biscuits.
Anak taukeh lor, girls faster grab him lah.
This is Kongee. Out of stock.
He's attached to my bestieMy bestie. the funniest couple ever.
This is Chin yong, but we call him Sumpit.
Head of TI. dun play play.
Fa Gu and AhTiong.
Both bachelors.
1 master in Computer. 1 master in cooking.
Thanks for the presents and the celebration.

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