Tuesday, May 5

cousin's wedding <3

Last weekends was a blast yet tiring. It was my cousin/kai-jie's wedding. Almost all of the relatives came back and attended to the wedding dinner. I have lotsa pictures to share!!!

First stop: Let's see their room. We spent an hour decorating it and it was just a temporary room for the wedding purposes. Their house is still under construction.

Okay, not much of the room because i played around with the mickey and minnie mouse.

SECOND STOP: The night before the big day! Her parents throw a buffet dinner and invited all the relatives and friends. Her mom cooked her delicious laksa and my dad cooked his all-time favourite bak kut teh. The bak kut teh was so delicious i had 4 bowl of rice. :)

My grandma and her siblings. I wonder how would we (me and my sisters) look like when we were their age! Scary!!!My sisters and cousin- Xiao Qi.
(crab, oh you're so delicious!)

Everyone was enjoying themselves so much, and almost everyone was tipsy and they started to talk so loud that i almost went deaf sitting in between my mom and my aunt. I kept telling them to lower their voices because it was already past 12. No doubt it was a nice gathering!


me and the bride. Now i believe when they say the most beautiful moment/day of any females is on her wedding day. my cousin looked so pretty and stunning that day!!!

the bride and her siblings
The bridegroom reached and the brother went to open the car door.

Waiting for the bride to get prepared

look, he's so happy and excited.

one of the games we played on him before he's allowed to go in the house. He was asked to sing their song. Right here waiting for you. Ahhh, so romantic!
the bridegroom met the bride.open the viel
and muahh.. haha
their wedding rings.The lovely couple


tea session.
family portrait :)
the girlssiblings and daddy

the couple~!!!

LAST STOP : WEDDING DINNER. Everyone dressed up and we yam seng.
grandma and mummy. i think my mum looked like chun li that night. haha
2nd sis, bro, daddy, me and ...

eldest sis and her date, Mat
second sis and her date, shawnBro ther and his date, me and my date, RYAN!!!this is funny. My grandmother has 3 daughters and my mom has 3 daughters too

The sisters.
Bo kong peng la (not fair lah)
why they so freaking fair and me?? so brown.

Lastly, congratulations to the newly wed couple!!

I wonder who's next on the list!!!


  1. don't be jealous.. maybe their skin is fair, but eh, who know which one is more beautiful?? hehe.. :D

  2. Ooo, tell me the answer!

    but u better dun tell me, i know u too well!