Wednesday, May 6

The Great Escapade

I'm going to Italy. I am going to Italy. I am going to ITALY. Jump up and down. Lalala..

*Throws Confetti*

what the heck, the pisa tower and Eiffel tower are so near!

You must be wondering where a uni student gets all the money to travel to Italy, don't you!?


I hate to reveal this because the more people know about this, the more competitors i have. However i believe Sharing is Caring. Caring is loving. Loving is err.. you won't want to know.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's the Malaysia Airlines' Stimulus Package!!!!!!

Grab-A-Deal, Balik Kampung, Weekends Getaway, Premium Match, MH Flex 1+1, 80% off Domestic and Asean, Economy +, Kids Fly Free , Business Companion.

9 deals in one go! This is madness, this stimulus packages target to all, ALL people in the world, from kids to students to family to businessman.

As for my case, i registered myself as a student in the Get-A-deal. You'll notice how much different the prices are!

Geesh, the moment I saw the figures I immediately click NEXT and pay the ticket! Wuu, good things gone very fast people! The night before I found out some MHLow (another different promotion) tickets for the same flight and little did i know the next morning, it's GONE.

Let me spell it for you. G-O-N-E. You have no idea how frustrated I was, ask my roommate, she knows better because i almost burst into tears. I called to the MAS helpline and the operator guided me to the Get-A-Deal package. Thank you for who ever you were for your great hospitality!

SEE!!!! RM3612 - RM 1029 = RM 2583. OMG, i didn't know it's so much different until i punch the figures in the calculator. With that so much money saved, i am able to go to
visit to more places... PARIS maybe?

Wuuu, i am going to the real Eiffel tower.

I grabbed my phone and called my friends
"Why so cheap??? I want to go"
"Come, come!"
"Ok, book another ticket for me."
Sorry laiyee, we're going without you! ;(

For more information, please click here!

p/s: yippie, dream comes true! Huhu.
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  1. walaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



  2. dun be jealous.... it's my LAST semester break already. T_T

    you're going thailand right? that place is much better, at least for shopping!

    (i am thinking to grab some flowers from there as souvenirs, can ar?? hehe)