Thursday, May 7

Third day of study week

We had steamboat for dinner. Went to Pasar Malam by UTP bus, this is my first time taking bus though. Shamini and I had to run because we were almost late, and someone missed the bus and had to take the second trip. Huhuhuh.... Guess who is her~ *thanks pui and keesiong for giving up their seats for us*
Bought all the ingredients and i prepared the tomyam soup from the raw materials such as lemon grass, lemon, tomatoes, chillies, onions, chicken parts and another two i don't know the name. Huhu, can sell tomyam d. :) This is my first time buying crabs, (wah cheap le, 3 crabs for RM10. 1 kg - RM16) some mushrooms, small corns, lady fingers, prawns, squids and some vegetables. Luxury steamboat i would say because normally we had fishballs, meatballs, sotongball, prawnball, and your balls, er i mean chicken eggs.

Showing off our crabss....... This is a little farewell for us before the finals! Feeling so sad already. Good luck for finals ya! <3 style="text-align: center;">(a pic of me to tell you i cut my hair!!!! So disgusting. i feel like i am either wearing a hair wig or a helmet. Please tell me i look )

**yesterday's pictures**
the durian stall. Goddamnit. He cheated us.
He is so sinful.
He charged us RM1 extra for each kg.
three musketeers
Are you tempted ?

Ishh... study week suppose to study not to eat eat eat and blog blog blog. :`(


  1. honestly speaking, when i saw your hair in the earliest pic...i wanted to say damn cute dy!!! real wan no bluff...where got ugly! suits you!

  2. omg aiting, i love you so much!!!! thank u thank u *wipe away tears*

  3. eh.. y dun u ask me for the comment?? :D hahah...

  4. okay, please comment, but b4 u do, please go cut ur hair first. hehe