Monday, June 22


While i was doing my laundry at my house compound, i saw something on the floor and it smelt like shit. At one point i thought it was cow dung due to the color and the size. HOW COULD A COW DUNG ON MY HOUSE COMPOUND? So i walked nearer and nearer. HOLY SHIT. It's a dead kitten. OMFG, it was so gross because the stomach was wide open, it's intestines were 15 cm away from the body. Fuck~!!!! Lotsa maggots and bigass flies eating/sucking it's stomach. FUCK MAN!!!

I don't know what to do and i continued my laundry, feeling gross and thinking of the ways to dispose it. If i were in UTP, i wouldn't care much because the cleaners will clean it up. I was alone in the house and I thought of ignoring it, but I was afraid it might bring some viruses and we would be infected some sickness.

I went in my house and grabbed a mask, leftover from my trip. Wore it and threw the bodies into the bush beside my house. Cleaned it with water and rushed in to clean my hands. Closed the door and online. Tried not to think of it anymore.

May you rest in Peace kitty~

OH, while i was driving yesterday, i knocked into something furry which i don't know what that was because it was so dark and i was driving alone. Kanasai leh, I was so guilty i hope it is safe and unharmed. I'm sorry i didn't mean to ran you over.

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