Monday, June 22

(sorry for the random update. the pics of the trip is still under construction)

I find myself in a familiar room,
but I don't think it is mine anymore.
There are a few cupboards more,
stuffed inside there.
I can't find my own things
or able to leave them anyway i like.
Things changed despite how people telling me it's not.

I find myself drowning in my own unconscious mind.
I want to be grown up all of the sudden.
I want to take the responsibilities that the adults fear.
Bills, taxes and expenses.
I want to be an adult.
live my own way, color my own experiences.
No one shall come into my dream and destroy it.


  1. Dun be so sad... u r already and adult, ok? Cheers!!

  2. nw whenever u talk about room, i immediatly think bout privacy lol