Sunday, June 21

It's funny

that I am already 22 years old. Of course, I memang 22 lah, but come on, whenever someone asked about my age, automatically, my reflection was TWENTY.....(long pause because i was recalling) TWO! Then, sure moody already lor, so old already. Even the little girls/boys, waaayyy more junior than me are as tall as me and some even taller. Sei mou. T_T

p.s: Welcome back to my crappie zone. haha


  1. Don't ever bother about your age ehhe! just live a happy life lolz..

  2. u r only 22? unbelievably young!!! I mean... you are actually young, while you look so old... unbelievable..!! :P

  3. icebreaker : haha, act i was trying to say the time passes so fast without we act know~ lol

    davuth : I'm YOUNG at heart and appearance too. have you cut your hair????

  4. Who said u look young?? huhu!! :P Trust me! You have to ask other for idea when it comes to ur own appearance. Hehe..

  5. ur blog now takes a bit longer to load. don't know why. It happened the same to mine so I just changed new template and re-arranged eth. :d hehe

    haha i know that. but just don't bother age lolz. I think u look young and you're indeed young though u're one year older hehe!! :p