Friday, June 26

The Little Nyonya

is the singapore series that i'm watching now. Keantat says i am so outdated, the movie is no longer famous.

that's not what i want to say.

My sisters told me the baju kebaya are very popular now and also the nyonya kueh. (maybe in Melaka)

that's not the point either.

I want to eat the babi ponteh, asam pedas, chap chai, and the rempah udang. (carina, please ask your ma ma cook for me)

No no, my point that i want to highlight here is why they talk so polite until i was forced to forward it.

Kns betul, who says talk slowly is equal to polite???? come on, talk faster can or not?


  1. hehe I watched it last December. It was broadcasted in Cambodia (in khmer language) this March. So everyone had watched it. so you're just watching? hehe! It's an interesting one you should watch. :)

  2. yup... i watched one of the episodes during my visit there early of the year. it was the part where Yuzhu was raped by Robert. Gahhh, such a nasty man.

    Another 5 more episodes,, :)

  3. lol... u really out abit.. but nvm la, is really a nice drama... nv too late to watch it :)
    n i bet u wont feel regret watching it as well

  4. I'm done watching the series. Hmm, i don't feel regret la, but there are many questionable parts. too confusing tho. haha

  5. so you've done the entire series? cool hehe. how was it? i think the raping scence isn't that worst as the last episode when Yuzhu ate the insects. :( hmm