Friday, July 10

My devil brother

My stupid idiot buffalo brother forced me to off the computer by cursing me that i won't find my true love if i disobey his so-called CuRSE. Where got this kind of brother one??????
He's mumbling, 9 minutes left... 8 minutes left... if you want to extend, please pay RM2 for each minute. WTF.
KNNCCB. where got brother bully sister one????
p/s: I better off now, or else i won't get my true love???? T_T!
*update: He's on the phone now talking with his friend, still able to say : 5 minutes left har!


  1. haha...Kang leik always is a devil...a stupid devil...haha...

  2. erm.. nice happy siblings.. :) no arguments wun create a humourous environment. :P