Thursday, July 9

Neverending of Sheateng and Shealing

If you have been reading my blog here and there, you would realize that my second sister and myself are kuat camwhore lol. I wrote an entry based on the photos we taken the other day in the fish pond.

This is not exception either but there's no storyline, because i'm just too exhausted to think of any after 5 hours of err.. it supposed to be karaoke session, but we spent more time taking pictures than singing because frogs don't singwell. Haha

Meet Shawn!

I'm a big lightbulb. hehe

Let's start the camwhore session. *wink*







There are more photos taken in the room, while waiting for our turns to sing... We were addicted to the custom self timer where we set delay to 1 second and 10 shots while eating the watermelon. It was such a long time i laughed that hard we almost rolled on the floor on our back and legs kicking in the air. :) Check out my facebook, lazy to upload twice. :D

P/s: Jie, please don't kick me out of the room ya!

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