Sunday, August 30

stupid random

I should be doing my FYP now. That's the reason I stayed back in my room with no roommate. My roommate, my housemate and one of my guy friend went to my roommate's hometown. She asked me along and tempted me with her mother's cooking like babi ponteh, assam pedas and other malacca's delicates like cendol, satay celup, assam laksa. Sien lor, i rejected such an offer only to stay in UTP eat at tronoh for lunch, pasar malam food for dinner. :`(

Suddenly I fastforwarded my life a few months ahead.

4 months from now, I'm definitely done with my FYP. LALALALA. That would be the heaviest burden on my shoulder now. If I have no money, I can starve and work as slave bcos i am strong! IF i can't do FYP, I can only cry and sleep and cry and sleep again. The next day wake up google a bit then cannot do cry again. Pathetic life.

btw, my uncle just added me in FB. He's very cool and handsome one lor, married with three children still looking like Andy Lau. Now so updated with FB. Lost to his children lor, they don't have FB account!!!

Now, i seriously need to think if I should add my parents if they were to add me in FB. Limited profile maybe? haha


  1. how come ur FYP like nv end one ... from last year until now oso heard u said wanna do FYP ... how many final year u have ?

  2. bcoz i repeat my final year ma. so sad right??? kakaka