Thursday, September 17

The fan is off

It's so silence now. It's so relaxing. Once a while you could feel the chill wind from the window right in front of you.

The rain is lighter now. It was cats and dogs, all vehicles were driving so fast despite the watery, almost flood road.

These days my mood was like the rain.

Days before I felt so suffocating. Don't know why. Though it's been there for long, but it suddenly popped out and changed my emotions.

I went hide and seek. At times they found me, but most of the times they didn't and that's when I tried to give some clues to my whereabouts and started to get panic after that.

The rain is about to stop. I start to hear noises and some people talking, laughing. I'm feeling warmer and warmer. I guess it's time to turn on the fan again.


  1. nice post... to be frank, m not sure what the meaning behind this but I like the way you write it.. :) nice one! :)