Wednesday, September 15

Sometimes we take things for granted and we do not really appreciate what we have. And, sometimes we just need a few reminders from outsiders to remind us of what a beautiful and unique country we are living in.

Last few months ago, laiyee's friend from Korea came to visit her. I, being kepochi suggested that they should come to our hometown and I'd bring them to our legendary Teluk Batik. *evil laugh* Though, it's not as good as the other beaches at the east coast, but hey, TB is cheap (basically it's free, wtf) and it's not bad at all. As least we do not check weather forecast or visit at certain months of the year.

Haha, I remembered we used to tell our parents that we were staying at one of our friend's house for revision but instead, we drove to TB for picnic and evening stroll. Naughty naughty, but it was a great memory to be recalled back. At least I enjoyed my high school times with my ladies.

But TB has evolved from a dull swimming beach to a quite happening water sports activities, not to mention cheap fees for the equipments.

Let me guess, how much you're paying for a banana boat ride in Pangkor, Redang or Tioman.... RM20, at least. Am I right? Now your turn to count how much is a banana ride in TB... Hahaha. RM4125 X 3 / 15 +125 / 190.

Surprisingly, the koreans didn't bring any extra clothes with them and laiyee told them that we're going to beach before picking them up!!!! Hence, we decided to go for canoeing :) I missed canoeing ever since OBS.

It was a great experience being their tour guide. You wouldn't believe what were their comments when they arrive at my hometown @ Teluk Intan. But promise me not to laugh okay...1. They said it was as if they were Miami because of the blue sky, white clouds and greenery. Miami people, miami!! (Well, no comment because i've never been to miami but I watch CSI Miami,.....)

2. They have never seen coconut before and during our seafood dinner in Sitiawan that night, they asked if we pour in the syrup inside the, well coconut.

3. That dinner cost only RM130 with 8 seafood dishes - crabs, prawns, clams, calamary, vege, taufu, balitong, and mussels. They were amazed... by the various types of seafood we have, FRESH seafood.

4. I challenged them to drink the "bitter black tea" - chinese herbs drink and to my disappointment, they loved it so much. Diao, where got people love bitter drinks?Anyway, I bought them a bottle of asam which I thought they would be taking after the herbal drink and they love it too. In the end, they bought 10 bottles each. :))

At the end of the trip, I smiled because what a beautiful country we're living in. :) Nice warm weather, (no, not the thunderstorms - it's going to rain soon :( ) the nice food around, the mamaks.... :)

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