Wednesday, October 6

Finger Prints Shapes

There's this application in facebook where you key in your finger prints shapes which are either circle or waves. For those who know me well, this is the result that I got and I bet you're nodding your head agreeing 100%.
"This person is very confident, has a strong character and a hot temper. He/she is an independent person. The luck of this person changes dramatically in life from one period to the next. The undoing of this person will be his/her hot temper so it is vital that this person must learn to be patient and calm."
I couldn't be more agree with the statement "the luck of this person changes dramatically in life". It's really true that I practically sensed it from the poker games I had with my friends back at hometown. I can never be "ong" the whole night. Haha. So I am telling myself not to gamble so often because I might be gambling away my little luck of that period of time. LOL.

A little update of my current life, I'm been getting busier, workloads are piling and the part which I hate the most is I get hungry very fast. Maybe consume too much energy thinking about work. :) Also, I have been doing sports, Aerobics on Monday, Badminton on Tuesday, Jogging on Wednesday, badminton again on Thursday and Happy hour on Friday. LOL.

Hopefully I don't hangat-hangat tahi ayam and give up in the middle. HA.

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