Tuesday, January 4

Happy New Year.

How has 2011 been so far for you? Have you got a list of new resolutions that you want to achieve in this brand new year? What's your new year wishes? As you can seen from the conversation above, I said all the stupid wishes to stay bimbo while I missed out the most ultimate for any human beings (i hope) which is Happiness.

"I guess when I achieve all those, I'd be happier?", it ended with a question mark which then my friend replied, "By right you should if those are what you wish for". It's silly for myself to tell him my wishlist only to ask him would I be happier in the end. Sigh. Pathetic.

Being known to some of my friends, I have been very emotional in my decision making and sometimes I hit jackpot and most of the times I found myself in a deep water and worse still, I can't swim. Guess I need to learn to follow SWOT, wearing all the possible hats and all sorts of decision making tools than follow the heart and guts. In any cases where you heard me telling you to "follow your heart", feel free to knock my head until I faint.

Typing this, I would like to take a few moments off to really think of how to be a better person, deciding which characteristics that I should really polish up and what others that I need to change for better while adding others. Cheh wah, as if I'm robot and can be programmed like that. Sometimes I really hope that I can be rebooted or can be upgraded into bigger memory.

Too much nonsense, but I kinda like it.

Then, I forced my friend to ask again what's my wish for new year and proudly I said, "I want to be the happiest girl on earth and world peace!" ... You guess when I achieve all those, I'd be happier?

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