Thursday, January 6


How I wish that all my beloved friends are using the same outlook in the SAME server so that I can view their calendar and start booking their time for happy hours... Even better, if we were working together. Sigh. That's bad being the only isolated girl in Seri Kembangan, wait Chong Kian is here already. hahaha. That's why I say if we are sharing the same outlook ma good lor, can just book their time and a reminder will ping indicating that it's HAPPY time. Pardon me for such a sudden random topic because my calendar is fully booked even after working hours up till 12am... Like what Tien Zyee said, "there's a reason why they paying you high". Totally understand now. (tying belt on the forehead) Bring it on~

Can't wait for a long break next week!

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