Monday, September 19

Don't make assumption

I need to control my mind from making up thoughts and assumptions that most of the time 80% untrue but takes up 100% of my energy and confidence worrying, well, over something which is not even there yet and cracking heads answering "what-if" situations.

It is sometimes good to anticipate things that might come so that you are mentally prepared. For example, my friend asked me to think of the most painful experience before my 5-hour dental surgery last year so that I would not feel much pain if the pain from the cut in the mouth is lesser than what I have expected.

Well, my goal for now is not to make any assumptions. Actively seek for confirmation and give feedbacks honestly.


  1. I like this post.... many times that I do the same thing as you and I'm trying to reduce it as well...

  2. Yeah. Let's work together to reduce making assumptions. Just like I am assuming that you have a gf over there. :)

  3. good for you, keep trying! and don't give up hope! =) haha

  4. @sheateng: haha... but I still think you are kinda stressful over there.. :P