Saturday, February 25

Fraser getaway

If you watch sex and the city, you probably enjoyed the dirty sex jokes like I do.

Nah, as a matter of fact, I love the show because of the Carrie's beautiful friendship with Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. I envy how they would always meet up during weekends to catch up, share the up and downs and most importantly supporting one another without judgmental. They continue to bring out the best of their friends.

Obviously the guys have been watching too much TV.

As I have started working, I find it hard to juggle between career and friendship. It's even harder if you and your friends have the other half. Weekends seem so short as you want to accomplish so many things. Time for family, yourself, boyfriend, run errands, etc etc.

Jalan Gap: Which doesn't apply anymore since they have one way up and another way down.

So I was really glad that my girls and i managed to have a short trip to Fraser Hill early this month.

We had a scrumptious Indian cuisine for lunch before we headed to Fraser. The whole journey took us about 3hours. Along the way, I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery and we made a few pit stops just to have enjoy and capture pictures.

The not-so-pleasant 45-minutes up the hill

There wasn't a planned itinerary so we were very chillax and the cold weather just another factor to our laziness.

gosh, look at the sausages, so tempting

Once we reached our apartment, the girls started to prepare the steamboat dinner. *wow, housewife materials* haha. Of course the guys were responsible to clean and wash so to protect our hands.

The new drinking game -.-"" but I likey.

After dinner was nothing but alcoholic drinks, snacks, games and laughters. BH and WW created this board game, I think they copied from the web, called the drinking game. The ultimate objective is to get everyone drunk within a minute. Enlarge it to read to know what I meant. So, that pretty much our first day/night.

The next day we did quite a few outdoor activities such as archery, horse riding, boat paddling and getting tipsy. Yeah, coz we have to finish up our red wine and beers!!!

As soon as we reached KL, we head to Loudspeaker and sang our hearts out for 5 hours! We wanted more but the rooms are booked. Grhhh.. so damn potong stim.... anyway....great getaway, great companions, everything so great.

More to come?

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  1. yea! we should have more =)