Saturday, October 13


I want to share a story that my friend read from the Internet in regards to the newly implemented Automated Enforcement System (AES) in Malaysia.

One Perodua Kancil broken down by the highway and one Lamborghini stopped by to help. After inspection, Lamborghini said it was due to engine failure and offered to help to tow the Kancil with a strong rope. Lamborghini told Kancil that he'd drive slowly and asked Kancil to turn on/off high beam / highlight if he thinks he were to go too fast. Everything was alright until one Ferrari came to challenge the Lamborghini for a race. Feeling challenged, Lamborghini accelerated his speed to compete.

In the AES control room, guy A ran to his boss and said, Boss, boss, I saw something very special and magical today. Our camera captured a Ferrari and Lamborghini speeding at 230km/h.

Boss asked, why so surprise? I've seen faster cars.

A replied, because behind that Lamborghini was a Kancil who kept highlighting at the Lamboghini at the same speed.

(In Malaysia, drivers turn on/off high beam to tell the car in front to "fuck off" because they are fast coming and he is blocking his way. Rude? Drive to left lanes if you are slow)

Drive slow and safe and happy weekends!

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