Sunday, April 6

It's the Day

I cannot believe that I am starting a new chapter of my life.

I started this blog in 2008 and I've documented so many big events and milestones of my life. It's been with me for many ups and many downs as well. Feeling all nostalgia starting to scribble now.

I am glad that God has been treating us well and protecting not only me, but my family members too. Tomorrow would be the day I have bigger family under your care, God. 

It's the day where my signature matters the most on a piece of paper called, marriage contract. 

It's the day where my surname changed to Ong.
It's the day where I have to devote my whole life to him, my husband.
It's the day where you and I are an inseparable item. 
It's the day where we are mature enough to starts family if God permits.

I pray that god will continue to bless us a husband and wife. 

Till death do us apart.