Wednesday, September 10

Ashleekuan Wedding Day

6/9/2014 the union of Ashlee + Lee Kuan = #Ashleekuan

It was fun albeit quite tired with the preparations and lack of sleep (nervous?) 
I'm thankful for the great support from both families and generosity. They are wonderful and I hope God bless them with great health and happiness. 

I have 2 elder sisters and 2 younger brothers mean while lee Kuan has older bro and younger sister. I'm not sure about him but I've always wanted an older brother and younger sis and this union made my dreams come true. Now I have 2 elder sis, 1 older bro, 2 younger bro and 1 younger sis. Balanced and perfect. Hehe. To the koko, Jies, mei and didis, thank you for all the help and support given and I love you all... This message includes their partners too. :)

Our pretty jimuis and handsome Heng dais are awesome too! Not only they have to wake up super early on Saturday or travelled from Hanoi / Kuantan, etc, they are superb sporting and kind people on earth. I was told the jimui were pitiful towards the guys and let them easy. Lol. To carina, Wei Wei, yoke Hoo , shinying, Kahyee, laiyee and thu ha, thank you very much and god bless you with lotsa love and happiness!! Friendship forever and our kids become besties too. Lol.too much?
My husband and I wanted the ceremony as simple, down to earth and social able as possible since there are only 27 tables of closed friends and relatives. We hope we greeted and cheered with each and everyone. At least I was seen running from table to table in joy catching up with old friends and relatives, super excited to talk to them but I think time was quite limited. >___<

Nevertheless, we had a great time that day and glad the weather was awesome. Food was nice xcept I had to vomit all out due to excessive alcohol consumption. Hahah. Such a nice word to replace drunk. Haha.

To my husband, I promise I'll always love you, take good care of you and family, and be nice to you. Lol. Mucks!

Right now I'm writing from The Bell, Phuket. We are having honeymoon in this awesome villa with private swimming pool. Life is good. Thank you God for this perfect union and holidays.