Thursday, January 29

Welcoming 2015

Hello Hello!
In another 43 minutes we'll say hello to 29th Jan 2015. Time passes so fast I barely could take a minute to reflect on my life or plan ahead. Every day for me is just struggling to wake up at 7 a.m and protesting to sleep by 11 p.m. Well, welcome to reality. That's what we called rat race I suppose, let's just not talk about that for now. :)

I'd like to take some time to write down how 2014 was for me...still a roller coaster year for me with ups and downs....

1) I got married
Ever since my parents divorced, I'm not looking forward to any family gatherings. My mum just won't see my dad in his eyes cos there's still so much of hatred meanwhile my dad is still with the same old behaviors. All I could ask for was a smooth and happy wedding ceremony in the simplest way... thank god it's all good except I'm not really happy that my uncle and aunt were the one who cover my veils & usher me out the house. They said it should be done by a perfectly married couple...oh well. Anyways, I am still happily married. My parents and family in laws are the nicest persons and sweet to me which I'm really really grateful for! 

2) Honeymoon

We went to Phuket during raining seasons and that's OK because we needed a good rest and break from all the planning and whatnot. We stayed at The Bell villa which was awesome with a private pool (luckily or else we won't have anything else to do). He promised me another proper honeymoon this year...hopefully all things (stronger MYR and increase of crude oil -> production) go well then we can head to NZ during Spring. Must be exciting to drive the caravan looking at those beautiful God's painting. Anyways, we booked for Bkk this May so let's focus on the shopping and massage first! :)

3) Health (Pray for healthier year in 2015!)
To be honest, it wasn't a good year for both of us. I was suspected with dengue fever due to dropping of platelet counts and luckily we managed to get it treated (papaya leaf juice?). Meanwhile for him, he got his first gout attack on his ankle which was so painful he was on 3 days MC. Later on, he got another attack end of the year on his index finger. At that moment, I realize health is your biggest wealth. You would trade anything to get a perfect good body. He is trying to eat right so to bring the uric acid level down. I really hope he will recover from this illness ASAP, it's sad to see him eliminating his favorite food.

4) Career
there's a reorganization and it impacted my role which i am required to get same/another role within the managed resourcing. although i have confident that I'll get a job somewhere somehow but i really felt terrible. no joke and it's really feel bad to know there's no job security and you may lose your job. my advice is do not get too complacent and always have that extra skills / competitive edge against your peers. the results are out and I am offered two roles which I am really passionate and one of it's a promotion. it was difficult for me to decide but at the end I let go of the promotion. I remember I fought so hard to get my ways into business (s&m) and I finally got it, the sales role. I know i will do well and make a strong positive impact to the business. 

5) Giving back to society
I'm very lucky to be able to do something back to society although through Happy Campers and volunteers FB group. Brought a group of kids to Kidzania and donated two computers for them. I really hope that they understand the importance of education to help them breakthrough their poverty. (Sigh, rat race?). Also, through the fb group, i managed to get some helps to the old folks home which i couldn't help directly. I think I want to commit to tutor the kids during weekends...something which i wanted to so for some time but dare not commit....i just worry my new role would take up some of the weekends and it's bad not to be able to be there all the weekends. i know excuses but still.. something beyond my control. 

My wish for 2015 is a healthier year to all the people I care esp. LK. I really hope he's able to eat well again, a smooth and successful year financially to the people I love. I hope we could get a bigger place in PJ so that his parents can come to stay with us and hopefully a little one will join us toooooo...but no i'm not preggie yet. ;P