Sunday, March 22

How do you deal with someone who is super sensitive at work?

Recently I am involved with one conflict where I questioned my colleague for the accuracy / integrity of her wrist fitness band data. I asked her over personal chat and she got so pissed off and offended that she ended the discussion. Next day I know, she told everyone in the office about how rude I was to even ask her about that. I tried to talk to her and apology but she's just won't accept and continue to ignore me until today.

That happened 3 weeks ago and I gave up trying to reconcile with her. I pray that she would forget (and forgive) and move on as I don't think it's healthy for her to hold grudges for so long.

I actually wonder to what extend do you check data integrity? Would you do the right thing to make sure no one is cheating? What is the right thing to do at this context?

I thought I was doing the right thing by checking with her, if her device was working fine in a damn private chat. I did not frame her. I did not confronted her in front of public. Look at the other consequences besides getting cold shoulder and some occasionally cold stare from others. I even found out that there's a group of people are taking her side and not participating in the of them is my very new lady boss. That piss me off because no one comes to ask my story or trying to solve the conflict. Instead, they just make the fire wilder. Very well, that's human beings and I'm guilty at that too.

Well, that's life isn't it? When you are trying to make the right thing ... and this is what you get. Hatred. No wonder good people die faster.

I really hope that she'll find closure within herself and move on.


  1. Is that even a sensitive question? I don't find it sensitive, first of all. Secondly, what she's doing is way too much. Since you asked her privately, even if she's very sensitive and gets mad, it should be done privately too. That's just way too much!

    Advice? Hmm... I don't have a good one. If I were u, I would just do the same thing. Just let it be and continue to live ur life the way u want to do. ;)