Saturday, December 26

Buffalo in Houston

Why am I in Houston? Here's the story...

In Aug 2015, my husband was offered 1-year assignment to be based in Houston for a project role. He wanted me to go with him under unpaid leave or sabbatical which is offered by my company. 

Of course I agreed to it as it's always my dream to live overseas and this is the USA that we are talking about! Besides, I have never been to the states so I'm extremely thrilled and excited. 

But, what about my career and my stable income? 

Knock. Knock. Boss, can I have a word with you? My boss is a nice man in his early 50s whom I enjoyed working for him. He always make time for my development and give genuine advice for personal growth. 

I told him about my husband's offer and asked him whether I could continue to support him from Houston. He told me it's rather difficult as his portfolio is MY/SG but he will help to ask around. 

Feeling grateful and hopeful, I left his room. 

A month later, he agreed to sponsor / send me to Houston for 1-year assignment too! Woahh, was I dreaming? No kidding, he's serious about the offer provided there's a host to accept me into their team. 

Thank you, BOSS. 

Whilst my husband was preparing to leave the country in Sep, there is no good news. I was devastated and doubted my own capability and ability that nobody wanted me in their teams. Therefore, I applied for sabbatical leave as I wanted to celebrate Xmas with my husband in the states. 

Then, I went on vacation to Korea. 

When I'm back from Korea, my mentor called me to check if I'd be interested to be part of a global marketing team working on projects for Asia Pacific. There will be a lot of engagements with the East which means odd working hours due to time zone differences. I am an owl, tell me about working late nights and I accepted without thinking twice. 

Tadaaa.... That's how I ended up in Houston. This is definitely one of the key highlight of my life and one of my achievement before 30 y.o. *peace!

//Merry Christmas. I wish everyone happy and healthy always! :)