Thursday, January 3

Thank you, 2012

To be honest, I am glad and thankful that we survived the Mayan prediction. It really scared the hell out of me as those videos / interviews / documentary sounded so convincing and true. Well, that's the reason why you shouldn't believe what you read, see or hear because media interpretation is so greatly manipulate to create fear / havoc / god knows whatever reasons. So, Happy New Year people! :)

Despite the little fear within me, I think 2012 has been a pretty good year whereas many significant events have taken place in that short 12 months. Where should I even begin? Let's just start with the most significant ones first!

#1: Being proposed to and said yes!

Oh yes, that's the super duper important milestone in my life. Shit that reminds me that I haven't wrote about this special date yet. We were on a weekend vacation to Damai Laut, Lumut and in the mid of the movie, he muted the television and went on his one knee and mumbled some words and popped the question. As usual, he refused to stand up until I say Yes. Hahaha, how could I decline the sparkling diamond huh? Will remember to blog about this in details, I promise.

#2: Gotten a step brother.
He is a very fair and chubby baby boy and he does look like one of us. Unfortunately, he and his mother has returned to their country and LK has promised me that we will visit them this year. God, I pray that you will always care, love and protect them. May you lead him the smooth journey and that he loves to read and seek knowledge so that when he grows up, he will be an educated wise man with promising career. Kang Ang, I love you.

#3: Owned a home.

Bought a studio one bedroom condo two years ago and finally got the keys last two months. Going to renovate and furnish the house as comfy as possible so that when LK is back for good, we have our little place called HOME which will keep us united and strong couple.

#4: Flight upgraded to a business class.

I have heard it from my friends a few times which often made my jaws wide open. Perhaps, best thing really happen when you are least expecting. I was going to Beijing to be with my fiance for a short holiday and soon after I went to the waiting hall, the ground staff pegging for my name over the PA system and told me this wonderful surprise. The six hours journey was so amazingly comfortable and superb. Thank you Malaysia airlines for such a upgrade.

#5: Emceed the SBSC DeepaXmas Event and SBSC Charity Event.

To be honest, it is quite addictive to speak onto a microphone and the audiences had no choice but to look at my cheeky face and listen to my voice. Of course, they could play with their phones and whatnot but I feel great standing on stage. I think I owe this great opportunity to Toastmasters Club which gives me the platform to continuously improve my public speaking and leadership skills.

#6: Part of the Black Gloves dance team.
Together with four young and charming colleagues, we named ourselves The Black Gloves and emerged as the Winner of the SBSC Dance Video. Pretty cool thing to do while we're young because YOLO - You Only Live Once. We basically practiced one day and took another day to shoot video in six different locations. Madness. Oh, did I tell you that the very top IT management sent out email instructing this video to go viral in the department? Hell yah.

#7: Awarded Female Best Dressed
Blogged about this and you can read it here. The following days, I put in more effort to dress up nicely to office because I know people will mention this and I need to do my duty to uphold my image. Hahaha. A few weeks later, some acquaintance whom I have just met asked if I was that best dressed and commented I looked rather different which I replied, "oh ya lor, without the power of makeup and hair do I look like this only." T_T.

#8: Longer Distance between us.
He is sent to Beijing for a year assignment and that made our distance longer but thank god we're still in the same time zone. Actually, that's not so bad considering that we do not have to travel to be with each other as frequent as before (Miri -KL) and that kinda give us more focus on career which is important as we're still in our early twenties. Besides, we have much quality time when we're together now too. Sometimes, longer distance isn't that bad.

#9: Best friend got married, and migrated.
When we talked about who is going to be the first to be married, she is not the first that came into our prediction and we're all wrong... I am really happy for her that she has finally found his prince who swept her feet off the floor and happily married in NZ. I wish the very best in your married life and live the fairytale  "happily forever" life with him.

#10: Removed 17 moles.

Totally forgot about this. Read more here.

#11: SNOW

I thought it always snow in Beijing. I have seen some photos of the very thick snow taken there. When my flight landed, there airport was covered with white snow. So when LK told me there will not be snowing according to weather forecast, I said "What? Why? Why? Why? What do you mean it will not snow?". Quite true, I have been refreshing the Google Weather and looking out the window for every hour every day for the six days there's no sign of snow but the temperature was as low as -11. Wtf.

However on Friday (28 Dec), I had this feeling that it will snow when I stepped out of the hotel. Usually the sky was clear but that day, it's all white and gloomy. I was telling LK that it will snow, it will snow. He just laughed at me. After hours of walking around the Lama Temple and Hou Hai, I was very lethargic and tired...until I realized there are something falling from sky. They are very tiny and soft. Then everyone said snowflakes. My God, I was this ^___________________________^ happy, overjoyed by the fact that my instinct was right and I thank God for this magical moment. :)

#12: My sister is 5 months preggie!
Yeay, I am going to be an aunt very soon and I can't wait to see the baby this April. I hope he share the same birthday as me because I am so awesome and I bet he will be like me. Hohoho!

Twenty twelve, gave me twelve important events in my life which are equally meaningful and priceless.

God, thank you for valuables life experiences. I can't thank you enough for the challenges you have thrown at me to groom and develop me as a person by learning from the best lessons, be in in relationship, family, career. Also, God, thank you for protecting the persons I love to be healthy and happy,  make enough money to keep warm and full. Most importantly, for loving us for who we are. :)

I wish and hope that 2013 will treat us well, if not happier, healthier, prosperous life. Go out and find your happiness.



  1. wow oh wow!! see? m always jealous with u. You know how to enjoy ur life to the fullest. I'm not a sociable or active person as u but even reading this makes me kinda happy. hehe.. so you have a great 2012 huh? hehe.. great of u ;)

  2. Congratulations on your all the good things in 2012 especially engagement! haha. Happy New Year 2013!

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